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Mirrored Bathroom Charlotte

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Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

    Remodeling your bathroom requires lots of changes to achieve the desired interior outcome of your bathroom. Installation of a new vanity mirror is crucial in creating a much wider space or better natural light illumination. We use the mirror daily, like checking our appearance, putting on make-up, shaving, and other utilitarian purposes. Vanity mirror proves to be more than just a utility. It can be a decorative item that highlights the aesthetic visuality of our bathroom.

    Choosing the Right Vanity Mirror for your Bathroom

    Selecting the appropriate vanity mirror to go with your bathroom interior design can bring so much effect on the visual outcome of your bathroom. So before you decide to install a new vanity mirror, check out these helpful recommendations prepared by Bathroom Vanity Mirrors Charlotte.

      1. Always consider your Bathroom Concept.

      Make sure that the vanity mirror you plan to install matches your interior bathroom concept. If you plan to go contemporary, you can install a backlight and opt for a mirror with a sleek and more angular frame.

      1. Know the Measurement of your Bathroom Area.

      The size of the mirror you are going to install is highly dependent on how large your bathroom space is. Vanity mirror has the effect of making small spaces wider, so installing a medium-sized vanity mirror in a tiny bathroom is a good idea. However, make sure that the mirror does not take all the necessary space.

      1. Kinds of Mirror to Install.

      Consider the overall look of your bathroom if you install one large vanity mirror or two smaller mirrors. Also, there are options like a wall mirror or a single mirror. Choose the one that goes well with your design.

      1. Find the right combination of lights and mirrors.

      A well-lit bathroom is a key to achieving the practical capacity of your bathroom mirror. Remember, light can be reflected in the mirror, so task lighting is a perfect choice. Installation of vanity lights helps in attaining the exact lighting we need.

        Mirrored Bathroom Charlotte

          Bathroom Vanity Mirror Guide

          There are plenty of choices when deciding on a vanity mirror to complete the look of your newly remodeled bathroom. Here are a few of the popular types of vanity mirror you can choose to match your desired bathroom concept.

          1. Framed Mirrors

          Framed mirrors provide a sophisticated look and are often paired with contemporary designs. Maintaining and cleaning require an undemanding process. However, framed mirrors are not built to be moist resistant.

          1. Frameless Mirrors

          It works perfectly for minimalistic interior design and helps in providing a more expanded look to your bathroom. The frameless mirror works well with moisture and humidity. On the other hand, the edges are not protected by frames, so it is susceptible to cracks and other mirror damages.

          1. Pivot Mirrors

          Flexibility is the main attraction of the pivot mirror. It has two hinges on the side, which enable the users to adjust the mirror. It also helps in making your bathroom space more usable.

          1. Venetian Mirrors

          In the mirror, the designs are intricately imprinted, so it looks chic and stylish. The decorative arts etched within its border adds creative aesthetic visual. It comes with different luxurious designs. 

          1. Extension Mirrors

          It greatly applies to bathroom areas that have limited space. The mirror is mounted on the wall with an extension.

          Bathroom Vanity Mirrors Charlotte

          Investing in a suitable and quality type of mirror is worth its weight in gold. Come home to a bathroom with a rejuvenating design with bathroom vanity mirrors. For more information about our mirror products, visit our website or call us on our phone number. Bathroom Vanity Mirror Charlotte provides the quality and affordable services you deserve.

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