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Master Bathroom Remodel Charlotte

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Bathroom Remodel Cost Estimate

It is the dream of everyone to come home to a bathroom that has everything that we need, such as a warm bath, a refreshing shower, a relaxing ambient, and other amazing functions of the bathroom. We feel a sense of satisfaction to see our bathroom essentials in an organized manner. We want to achieve a more tranquil ambient while maximizing the functions and features of the master bathroom. Turning your master bathroom into an ideal relieving and relaxing area in your house is possible. Preparing the budget is one of the initial steps. 

A full bathroom makeover typically costs around $6,000 to $20,000. For luxury and large-sized master bathroom, the renovation may reach up to $50,000 and more. An estimate of $5,000 to $15,000 can be spent in-wall and other bathroom repairment and replacement. Around 60% of your bathroom remodel budget is renumerated to labor.

      Master Bathroom Remodel Charlotte

        Factors that Determine Your Bathroom Makeover Budget

        The cost and estimate for your bathroom makeover may change depending on these given circumstances.

        1. The size of the bathroom

        If the area to be renovated is more comprehensive, more materials and workers will be needed. Also, a longer time will be allocated to complete the bathroom renovations. 

        1. Quality of Materials

        Higher quality materials to use in redesigning the floors, walls, and other bathroom necessities mean a higher price. However, there are ways where you can obtain quality materials at relatively affordable prices. The key is to discuss the matter and present your budget layout to your contractor.

        1. Bathroom Expansion

        Some homeowners wish to include bathroom expansion in their remodeling projects. You may have to pay an additional $5000 depending on the size of the expansion work.

        1. Types of Appliances, Cabinets, Fixtures, and Finishes 

        The complexity of your design has an impact on the cost of remodeling your bathroom. You will have to buy new appliances, vanity cabinets, and other bathroom essentials that complement your bathroom interior design.

        1. Location / Address

        The pricing is also primarily related to your region or whatever state in the US you are from. If you are from the bigger cities, renovation works might be more costly than having a bathroom renewal in suburbs or downtown areas.

            Master Bathroom Remodel Charlotte

                  Bathroom Remodeling Process

                  After establishing the makeover design of your bathroom, the contractor can now proceed with the reconstruction processes. 

                  • The contractor will now start to demolish the drywall and other bathroom pieces of equipment to be replaced. Upgrading and adjustments to some parts of your bathroom will be needed to pave the way to the new installment of the plumbing and electrical systems. 

                  • Bathroom vanity cabinets, floor, and wall tiles will also be removed.

                  • After the gutting process, the contractors will install a new shower and a tub. Possible damages around the shower and tub areas will be checked, such as decaying wood or rusting tube pipes for necessary replacement.

                  • The contractors will then install the new cabinets, vanity, and other bathroom fixtures. Modifications of the wiring system might be needed for the newly installed bathroom fixtures.

                  • The drywall will be hanged as the design of your bathroom starts to come together. This process may take some time due to some customization works for your bathroom cabinets and vanity.

                  Cost of Bathroom Remodeling with Options 

                  • For a full master bathroom remodel, it cost around $20,000 to $40,000. The renovation works include two sinks with double vanity, a toilet with separate tub and shower, and new flooring installation.

                  • For partial master bathroom makeover works, you have to spend at least $5,000 to $15,000, including installing the new toilet, sink, and floor tiles. A combination of a shower and a tub is also covered in this makeover.

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