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Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Charlotte

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Charlotte

Bathroom Remodel: Where to Start

A bathroom makeover is undoubtedly an overwhelming project to take on, especially for homeowners who have never experienced any remodeling works before. There are a lot of things to consider when embarking on this type of house works. We want to get the worth of what we spent. To relieve the worries about remodeling your bathroom, you have to know where to start.

  • Know the Cost of Remodeling your Bathroom.

Determine how much your budget allows you to spend on the bathroom remodel project. Before proceeding with the construction works, make sure to get an estimate from the remodeling company. The costs include the price of the materials, labor, and others. 

  • Take Time into Consideration

Consider the duration of the remodeling works. The completion of the bathroom remodels highly depends on the types of renovation works you want to do with your bathroom. If the renovation is a full bathroom work, then it will take a longer time. Make sure to have another alternative if your house has only one bathroom. 

  • Design and Functionality Must Work for Hand in Hand

You must maximize both the design and functionality of your bathroom. Ensure that the design you want does not hinder your bathroom functions like the sink, the toilet, and others. After all, the bathroom should be a comfortable place.

  • Check the Exact Measurement

Knowing your bathroom's exact measurement is very important for the installation of your bathroom cabinetry, sink, tubs, and others. This one is required for customized cabinets and bathroom countertops. You have to avoid spending unnecessary adjustments for bathroom items that do not fit the measurement.

  • Plan your Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting plays an essential role in maintaining the ambiance of your bathroom. For a small-sized bathroom, brighter light is used because it encourages the illusion of a bigger space. Make sure that your bathroom has warm colors that you can switch on whenever you feel like relaxing. 

  • Update your Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures

Repairing your old plumbing and lighting fixtures will help in cutting your water and electric consumption. You can install energy-efficient fixtures, and by the end of the month, you can see a massive difference in your bills.

  • Know What Materials to use for Walls and Flooring

The walls and the floors are the foundation of your bathroom, so choosing the appropriate materials to use is essential. There are many designs with good quality that you can choose from.

Cost of Bathroom Remodel

To start with your bathroom remodel project, one must fully understand how much it will take to remodel a bathroom. Bathroom Remodel in Charlotte has prepared a guideline for the estimated cost of remodeling your bathroom.

  1. Master Bathroom Remodel

It generally costs $10,000 to $30,000 to renovate a regular master bathroom fully. The renovation price includes a separate shower and bathtub with double vanity and large cabinets for storage. However, for a large luxurious master bathroom, an estimated $50,000 is spent for the makeover.

  1. Guest Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your guest bathroom or powder room does not require huge amount of money because this type of bathroom is usually smaller in size. It is just a matter of updating and installing suitable items for a powder room. It typically costs around $3,000 to $8,000.

  1. Minor Bathroom Remodel

Some remodeling works focus only on some specific parts, like installation of a new sink or vanity. For minor renovation, it often costs around $1,000 to $3,000.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Charlotte

Renovating our bathroom gives us a sense of satisfaction. You spend your first hour in the bathroom and end it in the bathroom before going to bed. The bathroom is a very important area in the house, so renovating it is very advantageous. 

If you want to explore more fantastic bathroom designs, you can always visit our website. Feel free to ask questions.

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