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Bathroom Renewal Charlotte

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Bathroom Renewal Charlotte

Bathroom Styles According to their Popu

There is more to the bathroom than just being a shower room. It is a place where you could be in your thoughts. Most people get tired of their work, so they long for a little bit of relaxation before ending their day. They soak in a warm bath to rejuvenate and relax. The bathroom is an integral part of the house, so a makeover will enable its full yet efficient capacity. It is now time to replace your old vanity mirror or transform your bath and shower into more cost-efficient bathroom pieces. Installation of new stylish and more functional walls and floor tiles can highlight other focal points such as the vanity cabinet or the newly installed LED lighted vanity mirror. If you have a small bathroom, you have more reasons to invest in complete renovation work. Bathroom Renovation Charlotte has specific designs for constricted spaces to make them look more expanded. 

Bathroom Renewal Charlotte

Aside from being our haven, the bathroom can be the source of inspiration and motivation. We have all the styles that fit the needs, situations, and needs of our customers. We choose the most popular bathroom style that you can choose.

  1. Traditional Style Bathroom

A traditional bathroom design will never go out of style because it is a classic, timeless, and refined bathroom interior concept. It highlights the comfort and functionality of your bathroom. The usage of natural and earthly colors is the most prominent feature of traditional style. Other key features include antique lighting fixtures, pedestal bathtub style, sophisticated counters, and floors made of marbles.

  1. Contemporary Style Bathroom

Contemporary design is mostly favored by many for its minimalistic approach. It is often adorned with light and dark bathroom elements to create a stylish, clean, and sleek visual concept. Polished hardwood, metals, and simple color palettes highlight the decorative pieces of the bathroom. The key features are a slim sized mirror and vanity, innovative and also showers and lights controls. 

  1. Transitional Style Bathroom

The transitional style lies between the traditional and modern concepts with the utilization of both old and new features. The tones grace towards soft and light color palettes. Quartz and marbles are the most active materials used for walls, counters, and floors. Undermount sinks, wall sconces, and glass shower enclosures are the signature characteristics of transitional bathroom style.

  1. Modern Style Bathroom 

The trademark of the modern bathroom style is the incorporation of vivid and intense yet uncomplicated patterns and lines. It is often manifested in the countertops, sinks, and other decorative items. Ornamental plants are usually displayed to emphasize the simplicity of this design.

  1. Eclectic Style Bathroom 

Eclectic style is the definition of freedom where different unrelated pieces are put together to create a unique yet creative style. Neutral colors are dominant with this design. It is finding beauty in many contrasts.

  1. Beach Style Bathroom

The theme of beach style is to create a relaxing and breezy atmosphere. The materials are natural, and most of the decorative items are inspired by the ocean. Coastal colors like blue and crisp white are used to project an airy and spacious area.

  1. Craftsman Style Bathroom

Intricate wood design is the main attraction of craftsman style. Most of the elements in the bathroom are made of natural wood. The durability of wood cabinets and other embellishments are commendable. The counters feature stone materials such as granites and other metal detailing.

  1. Meditteranean Style Bathroom

Mediterranean design is lavishly decorated with items that highlight earthly colors. The concept is inspired by the sun, sand, and the sea. The whitewash walls and ornate lightings provide a warm and calming backdrop.

  1. Rustic Style Bathroom

Rustic style is quite similar to craftsman and farmhouse styles because of the dominant manipulation of wood. However, the rustic style also incorporates raw and natural elements. The copper bathtub is usually installed paired with natural stone floors. You can place a kilim rug and Rustic vanity lights to give a warm touch to the area.

Bathroom Renewal Charlotte in New Carolina

Turn your bathroom into an ideal relaxation room with the help of Bathroom Renewal Charlotte. We get all the designs and styles that suit your preference. Contact our number, and you will be assisted with our professional bathroom contractors. We believe in providing quality and honest services.

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