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Bathroom Remodeling Charlotte

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Reasons to Remodel your Bathroom

The bathroom is a multifunctional room in the house because of the numerous functions it serves. It is where we take a shower, take a bath, do necessary preparations before going out or going to bed, and other micro activities. Some people consider it their refuge because it is a perfect place to be with their thoughts. To lessen our worries and other stress-causing factors, we soak in a warm bath and spend some time relaxing. All these activities transpire within the small area of our bathroom. There are many other reasons why remodeling your bathroom is a good investment. Some say it increases the home value for homeowners who have plans of putting it up for sale. But if selling is not your main priority, we can still give you other good reasons for remodeling your bathroom.

A bathroom makeover gives a fresh look to your once old and leaky bathroom. Integrating water and energy-saving faucets, shower heads and lights will help you cut down your electricity and water bills. Redesigning your outmoded floors and walls into more stylish and functional designs will greatly contribute to the efficiency and aesthetic elements of your bathroom. Once the renovation is completed, you will look forward to going home to spend time for relaxation. You will feel secure that there is a place in your house where you can be yourself and loosen up.

Bathroom Design Ideas and Inspirations

Bathroom Remodel Charlotte provides some of the many inspiring bathroom design ideas you can choose from.

  • The Marble Effect

Marble is a timeless beauty and will never get out of style. It has been used to build and design old century houses and castles thousands of years ago. The durability of this material is its primary point, making it ideal for homeowners who seek long-lasting bathroom materials.

  • Fresh Traditional Bathroom

A touch of white and green is surely an invigorating view to see especially when you just came from a tiring activity. Designing your bathroom with this style gives off a spa vibe with the incorporation of the bamboo roman shade. The room has to emanate lots of natural light so the white color should be more dominant.

  • Brass and Gold with a Vintage Comeback

Brass is back! The trend now is modernizing things that were popular back in the days. A combination of these two powerful classic elements is perfect for fixtures, faucets, frames, and others. Brass and gold provide warm tones.

  • Bathroom with Maximized Shelf Storage

This design applies if you prefer to keep things in order around your house. With more cabinets and shelves to use as storage, maintaining your bathroom is effortless. It would also be easier to grab things like towels after a relaxing bath. While color should be dominant making the room lighter.

  • Minimal Rustic Bathroom

We can find beauty with simple designs. For a minimal bathroom look, you can combine modern design with a rustic accent to highlight the functionality of the bathroom while offering a clean and organized overall. 

What to Consider Before Remodeling your Bathroom

Now that you have decided to remodel your bathroom, there are a few things that you need to consider before proceeding with the process. Aside from the aesthetic purpose, Bathroom Remodel Charlotte builds and reconstructs the bathroom to withstand time. Here is the list of factors that need to be examined before the renovation works.

  • Electrical Wirings and Plumbing

Make sure you check the drain pipes because lots of wastes can be deposited in the drain and may cause clogging. You might also need to upgrade your bathroom electrical outlets to pave the way to the installation of new lighting fixtures.

  • Shower Sills and Floors

The shower sill is responsible for keeping the water within the shower area so it will not cause a spill. The shower sill should be built in a slight slope position so water will not seep in through the frames. You should consider the materials and texture of floor tiles because the bathroom gets damp most of the time. Small size tiles can be used in the shower room because the grout in between contributes to the traction.

  • Drawer Storage and Medicine Cabinet

You can place drawers for storage below the vanity mirror to maximize the space in your bathroom. Include a special cabinet for a medicine kit.

  • Air Ventilation

Moisture can occur especially in cases where you have to use both a cold and warm bath. Make sure the plan is to install an exhaust fan. Constructing a window in your bathroom is also a good idea for natural airflow and light.

Bathroom Remodel Charlotte

Renovating your bathroom has a lot of perks. Now that you have decided to invest in a bathroom makeover, you need professional and skilled people to initiate and complete the task. You can always contact or visit our website for more information. Here in Bathroom Remodel Charlotte, we design in style and practicality while taking into account your convenience.

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