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Bathroom Layout and Design Charlotte

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Bathroom Layout Guide

Bathroom construction projects require intensive preparations and works. After all, the homeowners are not only investing money but also their time and effort. The key to maximizing both the functionality and the aesthetic value of your bathroom is to have a good layout. However, important factors need to be considered when planning for a suitable layout for your bathroom. For example, replacing or readjusting existing plumbing lines to give way to installing new appliances or bathroom equipment is quite costly. Your bathroom size matters because the more comprehensive the area is, the higher budget you need to set up, which is the same thing for expansion projects. When planning for a layout, you should also consider the separation of your toilet area from the shower to create privacy space.

Bathroom Layout Ideas

For a more effective bathroom construction with both practical features and the interior aesthetic concept, look at these amazing bathroom layouts. 

  1. Small 48-square-foot Full Bathroom

This design works well with bathrooms that have compact spaces. The features include the installation of 72 inches bathtub horizontally at the other end of the bathroom. A pedestal sink is stationed next to the toilet, where all necessary bathroom items are within reach of your hand to save more space. Installation of vanity or larger storages might be impossible due to the limited space, so to make up for the other open areas, you can place a small cabinet or a towel rack near the bathroom door. For the plumbing lines and electrical lines, they are all placed on one wall of the bathroom.

  1. 80-square-foot bathroom

This design offers more freedom to move around the bathroom area. The presence of both a shower stall and a bathtub makes this design more efficient. Space is relatively wider, which enables more flexibility in movement. A medium-sized vanity with a sink can be installed and paired with a towel rack. Placement of other bathroom accessories is also possible but should be in limited pieces only.

  1. Tiny 17-square-foot Half Bathroom

The name itself defines how tiny this bathroom is. It carries a more functional purpose than its decorative goal. It has a toilet and a single pedestal sink, mainly for handwashing purposes. It also serves as a powder room for guests.

  1. Basic Three Quarter Bathroom

It is in a rectangular shape with a fair amount of available space. No bathtub is installed to pave the way to a broader shower stall. The features include a 36 inched vanity placement with a recessed sink allowing more available space for other decorative and essential items. This layout also allows the bathroom door to be opened wider without many obstructions along the way.

  1. Bathroom with Bump - out Alcove for Tub

This bathroom layout offers an impressive 72 by 48 inches of an area to put a hot tub or a relatively larger 72 inches bathtub. The alcove area has a window where natural light comes in. Bathing will be more enjoyable with this feature. You can also install a wall to wall vanity cabinets and mirror. A double sink can be placed with this design.

  1. 64 - square foot bathroom with a Private Toilet

A private space for a toilet is what makes this layout outstanding. It is separated by a partition wall and a sliding door. This layout offers a 60 inches installation of a double sink, which is of great advantage for functional reasons.

  1. Three - quarter Bathroom Plan with a Storage Area

You can install a 60 inches bathroom tub while giving enough space for the floor to ceiling cabinet. An inner wall divides the toilet and a double sink with vanity cabinets providing privacy to the toilet area.

Bathroom Layout Charlotte

The bathroom layout plays a significant role in successfully completing your ideal bathroom. So, it is necessary that you come up with a good bathroom layout. You can maximize the functional purpose of your bathroom while maintaining your desired bathroom interior concept. 

Bathroom Layout Charlotte has more bathroom layouts to offer. You can visit our website for more designs and inquiries.

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