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Bathroom Remodel Charlotte is your go-to for all your bathroom improvement needs. We have been in the industry for more than three decades, constantly giving the best services to homeowners who want to achieve the most reliable, excellent bathroom upgrade. We provide complete services, from installation to maintenance. We can also assist you in getting the right fixtures and other equipment for your project. And in case you are lost and unsure which direction to go for your project, you can rest assured that our dependable team will always be here to assist you in achieving the best for your bathroom.

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Dealing with issues to find the perfect bathroom designs in Charlotte NC

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house, so having a more expansive space is relatively significant. The bathroom is our oasis and a way to escape stressful life activities. But when you have a small area for your bathroom, you might think that it is not easy to find one of the best bathroom designs in Charlotte.

Bathroom Design in Charlotte

Before we can deal with it, you have to understand the common issues of having a small bathroom.

    • Lack of Natural Light and Ventilation - Without proper ventilation, moisture build-up is possible. There is no viable way for air to circulate, and it gets trapped inside, causing an unpleasant smell. With the lack of natural light, the bathroom will be dependent on the usage of the light bulbs increasing electric bills.
    • Inadequate Space for Vanity - The sink and Bathroom Vanity Charlotte are vital pieces of the bathroom. The sink is naturally attached to the vanity, which serves multifunctional purposes such as storage and others. With a cramped bathroom space, the homeowner may tend to install a vanity for practical usage only.
    • Insufficient Space for a Shower and a Bathtub - A shower and a tub are paramount to maintaining our hygiene and relaxation activity. Soaking in a warm bath after a tiring day can help in relaxing our tired and weary muscles. However, with a limited bathroom space, installing these two together is quite a challenge.
    • Restricted Movements - With a small open area in the bathroom comes limited movements. Limited activities can be done in the bathroom.
Bathroom Design in Charlotte

Tips on how to achieve small bathroom designs in Charlotte

The confined bathroom area is a displeasing matter. However, experts can maximize these small bathrooms' functions while displaying the aesthetic value of your bathroom design. Here are some helpful tips that can maximize your bathroom space.

    • Replace shower curtains with frameless panels - The light can be blocked by using a shower curtain. Also, curtains are difficult to maintain and may get dirty quickly. It also does not help in making the bathroom look more expansive and beautiful. So, replacing it with frameless glass tub and shower panels is ideal for expanding the bathroom. It also does not block ⅓ of the light giving a more relaxing ambient.
    • Install mirrors on the walls - Mirrors can create an illusion of an expanded space perfect for restrained areas. Installation of mirrors on the walls also helps illuminate the light, ideal for a bathroom with no window. Make sure to use frameless mirrors and attach them to the walls using screws into studs. Also, choose mirrors that are moist-resistant as the bathroom can be humid
    • Choose recessed cabinets - You maximized the functionality of your bathroom wall. Go for closeted medicine cabinets to save more space in your bathroom. Also, use a cabinet with a mirror for a dual-purpose feature.
    • Go for simpler patterns - Choose simple designs, especially bathroom floor tiles and walls, because complex and huge patterns may crowd the compact space. Large-sized architectural features should be used for decoration to make the bathroom look bigger.

Achieve one of the most suitable bathroom designs in Charlotte

With many possibilities, professionals can turn your small-sized bathroom area into a more functional and, at the same time, artistic bath. The bathroom is where you start and end your day, so it should spare us from feeling more stressed. It is our haven, a place where we could be ourselves and be away from the tumultuous schedule. Talk to experts to acquire one of the best bathroom designs in Charlotte.

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