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The Importance of Bathroom Cabinets

With the right designs and materials, cabinets significantly influence your bathroom's overall physical aesthetic and functions. Cabinets serve as storage space for toiletries, bathroom towels, medicines, and other essential items. It helps in maximizing the functions of the bathroom. With the growing popularity of bathroom cabinets, many designs and styles have been developed to complement the preferences of many homeowners. Bathroom cabinetry serves both its functional purpose: to provide storage and hide those repulsive pipes and tubes while providing visual satisfaction. 

Selecting appropriate cabinets needs crucial planning because of the amount of money that you need to invest. You do not want to spend your money on something that does not meet what you have envisioned. So prepare a list and detail all the necessary elements that you want to include. Make sure that when you plan, you do not go beyond your set budget. Consider the requirements of your family and also the capacity of your bathroom space. You do not want to install a bathroom cabinet that takes up all the needed space? Do not set up a bathroom vanity that is way too stylish that its primary functions are being overshadowed. The functions and styles of your bathroom cabinet should be balanced.

When purchasing your bathroom cabinets, make sure to examine the materials used. Your main objective is to install a bathroom cabinet that will last long. Quality of the materials is the key. Identify whether your bathroom needs a customized cabinet so necessary adjustments will be added. Check the details of your cabinet hardware. It should be durable and, at the same time, complements the designs, colors, and size of your vanity.

    Popular Materials for Bathroom Cabinets

    The longevity of your bathroom cabinets depends on the chosen materials. Bathroom cabinets are quite pricey, so it is only safe to say that you buy a cabinet that can last long. Frequent cabinet replacements will cost you money. Bathroom Cabinet Charlotte has prepared some of the most popular materials for bathroom cabinets, including their advantages and disadvantages.

    • Solid Wood

    Solid wood is a top-quality cabinet material because of its durability. It is categorized into two types. Solid wood is completely made of natural wood, while solid hardwood is a combination of other hardwood materials. However, solid wood materials are not flexible enough with unpredictable weather and humidity. These may lead to damages such as cracks and a shorter lifespan. It is best to control the bathroom's humidity level to avoid this issue with solid wood cabinets.

    • Plywood

    Plywood is made to be resistant to moisture. It is also durable because of its multiple layers of wood sheet bounded together by veneer. Plywood is an excellent material for areas that are often experiencing pressure. However, the edges of the plywood are inclined to damages if it absorbs water. Although it is covered with thick layers of veneer, it may wear off as time goes by.

    • Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

    MDF is a cheaper alternative for solid wood because it is made from wood fiber, resin, and wax engineered to create a durable cabinet material similar to solid wood cabinets. MDF is a budget-friendly material. It has a smooth surface ideal for painting, contrary to solid wood, which cracks when applied with paint. However, this material's longevity and quality are not satisfactory as it may lose its value over time.

              Bathroom Cabinets Charlotte

              Update your Bathroom Cabinets

              Take advantage of the new trends to change your old and outdated bathroom cabinetry. There are lots of designs that are commendable in both price and quality. Give a new life to your bathroom by installing stylish and functional bathroom cabinets. If you have decided to venture into this remodeling project, you can always ask Bathroom Cabinets Charlotte for more cabinetry designs. Visit our websites.

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